Saturday, February 10, 2007

星期六 晚上 二月 十號

Saturday Evening February 10. A new page for Green Island (Lyudao) has been added to the SLP website in Greater China Travel (Taiwan). Many new links for Hot Springs, other Green Island Attractions, Green Island Transportation, Tours. Green Island Prison.

星期五 晚上 二月 九號

Friday Evening February 09. Many new links added to the JADE page (Chinese Culture).

Monday, February 5, 2007

星期一 晚上 二月 六號

Monday Night Feb 6. More links to airports and airport satellite imagery for Taiwan. More links for Lanyu (Orchid Island). Interesting YouTube links for Orchid Island. Interesting 360 degree panorama camera links. Fantastic site of global webcams. Interesting Yami Culture links for Orchid Island. The Orchid Island Yami Culture Camp definitely needs more checking out.....

Saturday, February 3, 2007

星期六 晚上 二月 三號

Saturday Evening Feb 03 - Beta version of Nantou County page is complete. Begin work on organizing pages for Hsinchu and Taitung / Green Island. Also added links from Nantou Ooolong Tea search to "Tea, Cooking & Cuisine" Page. Added links to "Traditional Medicine" Page.

星期六 早上 二月 二號

Friday Morning February 02 - Finished reviewing links from Google Search for Nantou County, Taiwan. Lots of interesting links for "Things to Do" and also "Tea". It seems Nantou is known for the cultivation of Oolong Tea of some distinction. These links will be placed both on SLP's Nantou Page and on the "Tea, Cooking and Cuisine" page under "Greater China Culture". Also there are lots or beautiful parks and hiking trails in Nantou County. And of course, Sun Moon Lake.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Zhen de ma ??

What is this ??? A new blog ??? What will those gong ren at the Springfield Linguistics Project think of next?

GongXi !!! GongXi !!!

This post is from Chairman, who sends Best Wishes and Congratulations to the SLP Webmaster on the creation of this new SLP Web Blog. We will all be watching with interest as the SLP Blog becomes more interesting day by day. Good luck with this latest project. Chairman.

Welcome SLP to the Blogosphere !!!

Welcome to the FIRST POST at the new Springfield Linguistics Project Web Blog !!! This blog will share our progress in building the SLP webpage at On this webpage, we are building a collection of the MOST USEFUL LINKS for LANGUAGE, CULTURE, BUSINESS, and TRAVEL in EAST ASIA ( Greater China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Tibet, Singapore, North and South Korea and Japan.